Safesun Review - Safesun Price Prediction - Is Safesun Legit
Safesun Review - Safesun Price Prediction - Is Safesun Legit
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Safesun Price Prediction 2021: Is Safesun Legit Or A Pump And Dump Crypto?

Welcome to this Safesun Review and Safesun Price Prediction. Please note that the following information isn’t financial advice, but generated based on historical data, we won’t take responsibility for any profit or loss.

What Is SafeSun?

Safesun Review - Safesun Price Prediction - Is Safesun Legit
Safesun Review – Safesun Price Prediction – Is Safesun Legit

SafeSun is said to be a project that is aimed at eliminating Carbon Dioxide emissions. They already have laid out a roadmap that involves them getting featured on multiple crypto exchanges before officially launching their own exchange, SunSwap. After that, they plan to move further to the other two future NFT projects that are under development. One of these future projects is an AI-based project that is aimed at data diagnosis and aggregation.

How Does It Work?

SafeSun works based on the autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. All you have to do is just hold the SafeSun Token in your wallet, and you will get more! For each transaction performed, the Protocol will automatically distribute rewards to the coin hodlers as well as auto-locks liquidity forever.

How many SafeSun are in circulation?

The total supply of the token was 1 trillion coins, but nearly 60% of the coins have already been burnt which leaves us with 439billion SafeSun coins as the current total circulation supply. More coins will still be burnt in the future.

Why SafeSun?

Safesun Review - Safesun Price Prediction - Is Safesun Legit
Safesun Review – Safesun Price Prediction – Is Safesun Legit

It Is A Community-Driven Crypto

The crypto is said to be fully community driven: They had a Fair launch, burned team tokens, and locked LP. They also have frequent AMA’s to reply and answer our community’s most important questions.

Earn By Simply HODLING

Hodlers of this crypto can simply earn more just by holding the coins in their wallet which is no hard thing to do. For each transaction performed, 2% of all the taxes goes directly to the hodlers, and the rest is locked automatically to liquidity.

It Has Limited Supply

The coin has an initial total supply of 1 trillion coins, but 50% of these are already burnt after launch, which removes them from circulation. The coins will continue to burn, and so the number of SafeSun in circulation will continue reducing over time.

Future Investment Projects

The team behind the project has many other projects in line for its investors, which includes 2 NFTs and a decentralized exchange, called SunSwap, coming in the near future.

Safe and Legit

As a Community-Driven Crypto and a Fair Launch, The Developer already burnt all the team tokens and then participated in the fair launch with all Safesun hodlers. The coin has also been audited. SafeSun has also been audited. You can view the report in its entirety here.

Smart Contract

The Smart contract of SafeSun is deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is verified by BSC. The smart contract address
is as follow:

Burned tokens:

More than 55% of the supply is already burned. You can verify it on the Binance smart chain on the following link,

Buying SafeSun:

You can buy SafeSun on Pancakeswap. You can swap SAFESUN with BNB. Just put the spillage of 5% to 15%. Following is
the link to the exchange,

Project Addresses and Distribution:

The Project holds a total of 10% of the total supply. In which 5% will be used for Development, Human resource (HR) and
Exchange listing. Other 5% will be used for Marketing, Airdrops, Trading competitions and Charity Donations. You can all
verify anytime on below mentioned address,
Dev wallet: 0x232eb293974e5cf9209160c72f6c41ed80ba3d08
Marketing wallet: 0x136302007B2A53f70Ad91D1Be5a546eE87000B88


Safesunswap will be a decentralized exchange (DEX). So what is a DEX? The key difference is that in DEX the
backend exists on a blockchain. No one takes custody of your funds. The common theme among them is that orders
are executed on-chain (with smart contracts) and that users do not sacrifice custody of their funds at any point.
Some key features will be,

  1. On-Chain order books
  2. Automated Market Makers (AMM)

SafeSun Price (01/05/2021) – SafeSun Review

SafeSun Price (24hr)$0.00002359-38.01%
Market CapSubmit Info
Trading Volume (24hr)$509,695-14.40%
Transparent Vol. (24hr)0%Unknown
Transparency Grade0 (Poor)
Circulating SupplyUnknown
7D Price PredictionN/A
SafeSun Review

SafeSun Price Prediction


SafeSun Price Prediction

Is SafeSun Legit?

Safesun Review - Safesun Price Prediction - Is Safesun Legit
Safesun Review – Safesun Price Prediction – Is Safesun Legit

Yes, SafeSun is Legit and It’s already listed on some exchange platforms. It is a smart contract-based cryptocurrency that makes use of the BEP-20 interface, making it secure and safe.

With generally low gas fees, a dedicated community and a tokenomic system that rewards holders, SafeSun is a powerful protocol with unmatched transparency, utility and general economics.

While today’s popular altcoins are based on inflationary economics, SafeSun’s supply limit and one-of-a-kind tokenomics system run on deflationary economics that will keep the value of SafeSun higher than its competitors.

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